BCSFA was founded in January 1970. Been around a long time.

Currently a small group of fen who get together once a month to socialize and talk about anything of interest to SF&F fen..

This site has been created to distribute our clubzine BCSFAzine in order to promote the club.

In the ancient of days we used to throw parties in members’ homes twice a month, often with forty or more people attending, out of a total membership of more than a hundred mostly newly-graduated university students.

This was in the days before the internet. And before the growth of specialized, narrow focus clubs and organizations. Our membership has declined as people spun off to pursue particular interests, often with the aid of the World Wide Web. It can be argued that the need for a general interest SF club has disappeared, become obsolete.

And yet, what about people like you and me? I love everything about the genre: Books, Movies, TV shows, Art, Gaming, Collecting, Conventions, Comics, History of Fandom, and darn near everything except Costuming, and that’s only because I don’t look good in ordinary clothes much less costumes.

I love Science Fiction so much I write a regular column for Amazing Stories Magazine (online), and publish a paying-market semi-professional SpecFic magazine called POLAR BOREALIS.

In short, I’m both a generalist and an enthusiast. Science Fiction, in all its aspects, is my main hobby. I’m sure some of you are equally crazy. Why not check us out? Get involved with like-minded fen?

I am looking for submissions, articles, reviews, etc. from fen who enjoy past and contemporary SF&F. No payment, just the joy of being read by numerous fen who may send in letters of comment about your contributions. If you are a traditional fanzine fan, you will understand when I say my plan for this zine is that it will be both a clubzine and a genzine (general zine open to any and all interested fen to contribute).

You can contact me at < the.graeme.bcsfazine@gmail.com >

Cheers!  R. Graeme Cameron  — God-Editor of BCSFAzine starting with issue #338 in March, 2020. (“God-Editor” being the whimsical off-beat persona I employed when editing BCSFAzine in the early 1990s.